February TBR & Other Goals

Like I mentioned in my last post, my goal is to read or listen to a book a week minimum. I have a bit of an idea as to what I’m going to read and what I’m going to listen to. Hopefully this works out!

With that in mind, I plan on finishing the Red Queen Series. I’m really enjoying the first book, and I’m hoping it only gets better. Thankfully, there is also the audio book for Glass Sword on my Cloud library. I’m not sure what I am going to do when I finish it, but that’s for Future Xee to deal with.

When it concerns physical books, I’m going to try and re-read the Vampire Kisses series by Ellen Schreiber. I own them all, but I have not read them since I was about 14. As I was going through my books to pack, I found them again and wasn’t sure if I wanted to donate them yet. So maybe a re-read will make up my mind?

Other Goals

This month I also am going to work on my time management. I am starting a second job and I want to make sure I still spend time with my boyfriend and with my cat. I also have a trip coming up in September to Hawaii and I need to look good! My current apartment has a gym included, so I am going to try and use it while I am still there. Then, once I figure out how much time I actually have, I might invest in a gym membership. We will see. No promises.

Any new goals for you this month? I love seeing everyone’s TBR lists!

Best Wishes, Xee


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