January Wrap-Up

Where in the world did January go? In a flash, its the last day! I did so many things, including starting this blog, and I don’t think I shared as much as I would have liked. So here is a summery of my month!

There are a couple of cool things I did this month. Firstly, I saw one of my favorite bands, Disturbed, in concert! It was a great show, even though it took a weird turn in the middle that was hard to bounce back from. I also went snowboarding for the first time in a long time {12 years} with my boyfriend. He is such a great teacher, but I’m a lousy student. I get frustrated easily, but he was patient and tried to make me laugh as my butt was hitting ice.

Otherwise, I worked. Not only do i have my 9 to 5 job, but I am starting a part time job for nights and weekends in February. I’m going to be super busy, but I know that I’ll make time for reading or spending time with my boyfriend and cat.

I did start my first Audiobook this month. While I’m at work, its nice to listen to and it makes me feel like I can catch up on my lack of reading. I’m currently listening to Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. I’m hoping to finish it by the end of the week and move onto the next one. It’s thanks to my local library that I even get to listen to the book. The choices are limited, but it is better than paying for audiobooks when I’m not sure I like them yet. If I listen to enough of them, I might invest in Audible.

I only reviewed two books this month. Check out my post Book Review: Not Just A Witch by Eva Ibbotson and Book Review: Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas if you are interested in reading them. I’m looking for some good feedback about my reviews as I know they are shorter than other book bloggers.

Looking back, I tried to read 3 different books and failed to finish them. I blame it on my readers block and lack of time. Normally, if I am invested in a book, I finish it same day. But the books I chose were just not happening for me. I hope I have better luck in the new month!

My goals for next month is to read or listen to a book a week, to blog at least twice a week, and to spend more time clearing through my stuff to donate before I move. I know i have until April, but that is coming up quick!

Best Wishes, Xee


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