Procrastination Corner: Skyrim & League

I’m trying to hold myself accountable for my lack of review posts, but I do have a couple reasons… in video games.

My boyfriend downloaded Skyrim onto my computer and I cant help but sit and play it for hours. I own the game for both PlayStation 3 & 4, but its nice to be able to transport my save file anywhere. When i go to my boyfriends house, i bring the laptop and boom, I’m right back to doing quests for the companions.

Or I am playing League of Legends. The new season came out TODAY and I know I am terrible at the game. For those of you who know what I’m talking about, I play ADC or sometimes Mid. I have never played a ranked game and I’m terrified to. My boyfriend and younger brother are Silver from last season.

What games are you playing? If you are playing league in the North America server, add me at MissXeeHarlow.

Best Wishes, Xee


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